Top 2019 Logo Design Trends

8. Optical Illusions

One way to create an engaging logo is to make the viewer look twice. Optical illusions are becoming more popular in 2019, blurring the line between 2D and 3D. Designers manipulate perspective and shading for images that defy logic and increase their chances of getting remembered. This trend includes fragmented, bent, warped or visually broken “illusions”.

9. Badges

Badges have been a common logo design style since the beginning, but it wasn’t since the surge of the Hipster aesthetic movement that they got the credit and exposure they deserve, and rightfully so. In this day and age, they are a powerful, versatile and effective way to convey a business’ identity, especially for integrating tag-lines and the year the business was established.

10. Handwritten Lettering

Handwritten lettering has been on the rise for the past year and it shows every sign of becoming even stronger in 2019. As we become more conscious as consumers, we also appreciate the value behind a service, a business, a brand, and ultimately, the Art and the Artist behind it. When you see a handmade logo painted on a business’ window, you know they’re serious about it. And isn’t that powerful?

11. Almost-flat

Back in 2012-2013, flat design was the official design standard and today, semi-flat or Flat 2.0 has continued to maintain its presence, which is a natural follow-up to the use of long shadows in 2018. The subtle shadows and details give way for an improved visual hierarchy that subtly enhances logos and identities as a whole.

12. Fun & Lively

A fun & lively design is an antidote for the negativity in the world, and brands are showing that they are not afraid to do things a little differently. This approach, often done with illustrations, is not only meant to be attractive, but also to convey a feeling of positiveness, trust and comfort that bridges the gap between customers and a memorable experience.

13. New Vintage

The New Vintage trend brings back memories, smells and sensations from another time into today’s spirit and pace. While applicable to a wide range of businesses, the food & fashion industries are the ones capitalizing on this fad. It brings a sense of craft and authenticity to the brand.

14. 80s and 90s

In 2018, it was the 80s & Memphis design style, but expect to see more 90’s in 2019! How can we resist the loud colors, sharp shapes, neon skydiver pants and outlandish casual wear?

Expect to see the best of the 90s back in the spotlight in an effort to appeal to millennial audiences and melancholic 80s’ children. And it’s not just copy-pasting what worked before, it’s all about evolving from the raw materials that history provided. What’s trendy about this, is its timely relevancy. See here for 80s/90s fonts.


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